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European excellence.


Eurotec laminate floorings are very easy to install, always in a quick and dry way, thanks to their exclusives lock systems that allow you to choose for the classic Click System or the sophisticated Tap&Go System®, registered trademark.
When you choose a laminated flooring is very important for you to consider the many benefits Eurotec has to offer:

  • Click and Tap® & Go lock systems®: They guarantee mayor stability and a perfect placing.
  • High density fiberboards: Our products are made by using the densest fiberboard available in market, what gives Eurotec products more durability and resistance against indents and compressions. You can test it yourself by checking the weight of the planks and the hardness of the boards.
  • WAX TECH system:which make the boards fit easier in between them eliminating creaking and also contributing to impermeability by preventing humidity absorption through the sides.
  • Easy to move and remove : SIf you want to move house or change the color of your floors, it is possible to do it on a quick, easy and cheap way; you can just place and remove your Eurotec floors in the blink of an eye.
    You can find our Eurotec floors according to your preferences:
    • Eurotec Laminated HDF
      • Click or Tap® & Go systems®
      • 8mm – 10mm – 12mm
      • Overlay 0,3mm (Moderate traffic) u Overlay 0,5mm (Heavy traffic).
      • 4mm – 5mm Thickness


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